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From TODAY, Voices

Friday, 20-February-2009


By Dr James Dobson


When my wife Shirley and I got married, we took a trip to a local resort. She quickly jumped into the pool before I could get there. There were sunbathers everywhere, and a lifeguard stood watch.


Shirley isn’t a strong swimmer. By the time she reached the deep end of the pool she was exhausted. She was seized with panic. “I’m going to drown,” she thought.


Now all she had to do was scream for help and the lifeguard and 16 swimmers would have been at her side. But to do so would have been greatly embarrassing.


Shirley decided she would rather drown than humiliate herself publicly. Fortunately, she managed to splash her way to the edge which she clung onto gasping for air.


You know, I’ve thought about that story many times, especially when I’ve seen panic-stricken people who are unwilling to call for help. Some were alcoholics who denied they had a problem. Some were teenage drug addicts who couldn’t admit they were hooked. And some even committed suicide rather than reaching for the help that was readily available.


If you’re drowning in the middle of a deep pool, call a lifeguard to give you a hand. Don’t let your pride take you to the bottom.

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