Wednesday, December 24, 2008


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Wednesday December 24, 2008


By Dr James Dobson


Some parents refer to their children as the “apple” of their eye, but one mum I know affectionately thinks of her kids as the “star” in the apple.


This mother discovered one day that by cutting an apple horizontally across the middle instead of coring it and slicing it in wedges from top to bottom, something new and striking appeared. A perfect five-point star was formed by the tiny seeds at the centre. The star had been there all along but she’d never seen it because she always approached the apple from a different point of view.


Most of us look at kids in a certain way. We see them, perhaps, as lazy or irritating or demanding. But children are infinitely complex, and we may be overlooking qualities of character that we’ve never seen before.


If we try to see them through fresh eyes every now and then, we may stumble onto a whole new wonderful dimension to their personalities that escaped us before. So start looking at your children from a new angle. There is, I promise, a star tucked away inside every boy and girl. 


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