Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Don't Stop Helping

From TODAY, Voices

Monday December 22, 2008


By Dr James Dobson


Somebody once said that ages one to 21 are when you do what your parents tell you to do, ages 21 to 65 are when you do what you have to do, and ages 65 and over are when you do whatever you want to do.


Well, if you ask me, I’d say that “doing whatever you want to do” is bad advice. It’s a raw deal, and everybody loses. Here’s why.


First, it’s unhealthy to focus on yourself, and to stop helping others.


Secondly, retired folks are in a unique position to help single parents, or to mentor children. These young people need somebody who’s not running at the speed of light to spend a little time with them, to do simple things, like read a book to them.


I might remind you that all of the stuff we accumulate, and most of our achievements, will lie rotting in the dump someday. But what will last forever is the love we’ve given, the lives we’ve nurtured, the relationships we’ve cultivated, and the hearts we’ve touched.


Now that’s a children’s inheritance worth spending. It’s priceless! 


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