Wednesday, September 03, 2008

DIVORCE doesn’t mean freedom

From TODAY, Voices
Tuesday September 2, 2008

By Dr James Dobson

Divorce often looks like the easy solution to a very unpleasant situation.

Many men and women struggle today to choose between the painful process of divorce versus the lure of escape.

The entire process reminds me of a documentary film made during the early days of motion pictures.

Near the top of the Eiffel Tower stood a would-be inventor with homemade wings strapped to his arms. This fellow was planning to fly. The old black-and-white film captures him as he paces back and forth looking over the edge and trying to work up the courage to jump. You could see the guy struggling: “Should I or should I not?” Finally, he let go of the beam and jumped. Of course, he fell like a rock.

Many depressed people are standing on that rail of divorce today wondering: “Should I or should I not?” Unfortunately, those who do jump usually find that their wings fail to deliver the lift that they expected. Instead, they are soon overwhelmed by the pain of custody battles, loneliness, bitterness and even poverty.

So much for freedom, which the song Bobby McGee defines as just another word for nothing.
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