Friday, August 22, 2008

Secrets To Staying Married

From TODAY, Voices
Friday August 15, 2008

By Dr Bill Maier

There’s no such thing as a perfect marriage, but that doesn’t mean your marriage can’t be fulfilling and happy.

Building a strong marriage takes hard work and commitment. It takes two people who are willing to say to each other: “I know that tough times will come, but I promise to stay with you, no matter what.”

When life gets hard, even the best marriages are tested. And the ones that survive are those where each party made a conscious decision to stay the course.

In fact, couples who persevere through trials almost always come out stronger than ever.

Take time to remind your spouse how committed you are to your marriage.

Use special occasions, like anniversaries, holidays, or other family events to focus on what’s important, and renew your love and devotion – both to your mate and your children.

Remind your spouse often, and see if it doesn’t strengthen your relationship.

And remember, strong marriages are built on loyalty, and loyalty is a decision, not a personality trait.
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