Tuesday, August 05, 2008


From TODAY Voices
Monday August 4, 2008

By Dr James Dobson

Here is some advice today to those who are planning to remarry.

When children are involved, this is called a blended family, and it poses some very unique and unsettling challenges. I can tell you that the Brady Bunch is a myth, although many blended families do eventually adjust to their new circumstances.

Initially, at least, one or more kids in a blended family may see the new step-parent as a usurper. Being intensely loyal to the memory of their departed parent, they will not welcome the step-parent with open arms. This places the step-parent in an impossible bind.

It is also common for one child to move into the power vacuum that is left by the departing parent.

That youngster begins relating to the remaining parent more as a peer. The status that comes with that supportive role is very seductive, and a youngster is usually unwilling to give it up.

These are only two of the landmines that can threaten blended families.

We will learn about some of the others next time, and I will suggest some ways of coping.

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