Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Flat Resale Status

We are now in the final phase of our 2nd attempt on flat resale activities.

First attempt having failed due to the issue of ethnic integration imbalance,

we now have found a new flat, decided to buy it, and have done checks,

and having found that the restriction doesn’t apply at the new block,

went on to pay the downpayment of only $300, pending the document

coming from the housing board indicating that our first attempt is cancelled

due to the race ratio issue. The next day after, the letter arrived, and I got back

the desposit and the valuation report fee from the owner of the first flat; unfortunately,

the administration fee is already paid off to the housing board, so there is no way that

it can be refunded – the service has already been rendered, whether application is

successful or not.


We paid ahead of time the remaining option exercise fee, totalling $5000,

and we have also given the administration fee (2nd time) and valuation report fee,

to make sure that steps are taken without delay. Yesterday, I took an urgent leave

in the afternoon, went down to the bank with my best half, signed the new papers

for the bank loan offer, and we’re done.

Today, the house owner’s agent is going through our documents, and once verified OK,

Will submit the resale application, through a system he said is called “ResaleNet” –

only registered users can submit resale applications through that system.

It would seems to sound like ‘The Matrix’ to me…


What else can I say?

A few things:

1. The top-up cash then was 16k; it is 15k now – cheaper by 1k.

2. The valuation then was 282k; it is 280k now – lower by 2k.

3. Bank LO then was 253,800; it is 252,000 now – lower by 1.8k.


We can occupy the flat even before the first appointment date.

This is something that we have been thinking over and over again, praying and praying

for wisdom whether to take the owner’s offer, who will be vacating their flat at an

appointed date, whether or not there are buyers, as they will be moving in to the

husband’s father’s flat, who is already alone – they will be looking after the old man,

who also lives in a big, big house all by himself. Talk about getting old and alone, eh.


We’re already going around some stores, looking at some appliances that the flat doesn’t have,

Going around places where some items we compare prices, etc., etc.


The amount we saved, we’re still using to furnish some items for the new house.


Oh, the agent just called and confirmed that all our documents are OK and complete.

He will be submitting the resale application, and the first appointment date is either

the 11th of January, or the 14th of the same month. These are already the best dates currently.

Of course, I reminded him of what he mentioned before that he’d ask somebody from their team

to monitor if any resale applicants will suddenly cancel their appointment, and reschedule,

then we’d grab whatever earlier date they’d give up. That is, if there will ever be.


God is good. And sometimes, when he pours His blessings, we tend to act like children:

always doubtful, unprepared, unbelieving, unyielding.


May the Lord God increase our faith. For His glory and praise alone.


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