Thursday, November 22, 2007

First appointment!

As quickly as the resale application was submitted, so it is with the confirmation

of the first appointment date: 14-Jan, at 10am. With that is a BIG relief: we’re in.

Our race is eligible to buy a flat in that block, and this is going to save us all trouble,

if in case we are not eligible, and have to do all the flat-search all over again.


We’re just waiting for the letter to have the first appointment schedule in B&W.


And when it comes, we’d sure be confirming with the owners of their plan to

relinquish their house to us, even before completion date, even before

first appointment date. Estimated discussion is by next week, the last week

of Nov, and it is also our last week to find out whether we are renewing our tenancy

in the JTC flat, or not. If all things proceed as expected, we’d terminate our contract

on the current flat we are renting, and we are spared from the renewal fees, and the

rental fee, which is higher by about $300 starting Jan-2008.


That is a lot of blessings from the Lord!


A few more days, and we will know – even now, we are rejoicing in the Lord.

He has spared us additional expenses…


Praises to our God alone!

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