Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mystery enough

I’ve always admired people who exhaust themselves studying.

Some go into the study of life, some into the study of nature,

some into the practical things in life, and some, into the mystical.

The topic is just so numerous, and the focus can be so specific,

that it leaves no time for other things to be explored.


In itself, I don’t find anything wrong with studying. The world,

after so many studies and explorations and experimentations,

has reached the technological age, a level not even thought of

in the past decades. But the real measure of the impact and

effect that these breakthroughs bring is on the populace itself.


Has man been better?

Has man ever been more contented?

Has man ever been more satisfied?

Has man become kinder?

Has man become more humane?

Has man become a friendlier neighbor, or a self-centered individualist?

Can he see better now, perceiving beyond what the eye can meet?

Has he become wiser, with all the vast collection of knowledge?

Is he assured of surviving in the world with all his external and internal gadgets?

Is he better equipped, and assured of overcoming any and all obstacles in his way?

Is he thinking clearer now, and able to choose the right parthways of life?

Is he skilled enough to live life to the fullest, or is he simply existing?

Has he found his purpose?

Is man fulfilling his calling?

Knowing where he was, does he know where he is going? Even more now?



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