Friday, July 06, 2007

Is science flawed?

There is one thing that I have learned in science many, many years ago.

It is actually very, very simple, and presented as it is, the question is

whether the formula is correct and valid. It is the equation for WORK.


Work = Force X Distance.


And given a situation where you have 2 boys, with 10 blocks of wood each,

And each wood weighing 500 grams. The school teacher asked

1.       Boy 1 to lift the blocks of wood from the ground to a height of 3 meters, and down.

2.      Boy 2 to move the blocks of wood from point A to point B, a distance of 6 meters.


Using the formula for WORK, we know that the WORK they both performed is the same.

Of course, there is a bit more that Boy 2 did, since he has to lift the blocks up first, then down.

Anyway, in the practical world, there is no accomplishment for Boy 1 – nothing has changed.

Boy 2 introduced some change, which is more or less the indicator that he worked.


Science’s formula for WORK will produce the same result. But not in the practical world.


So, is science flawed?



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