Monday, August 23, 2010

The need for mentors

From Focus on the Family

Many youth have a vague notion of what they want to do with their lives, and almost no information about what is to come. They may understand academic requirements, but are clueless about what life will be like.

I found myself in the same situation in my third year of university. I wanted to be a psychologist, but had very little information about the profession. One day, my aunt attended a lecture by a well-known psychologist called Dr Clyde Narramore who offered to meet with promising students who were interested in the field of mental health. I called him, and he gave me two hours of his valuable time.

The advice he offered that day guided me for the next six years, and may be responsible for what I’m doing today. I will always appreciate this generous man who, took time out of his busy schedule, at no charge or obligation, to guide me.

So, perhaps just an hour of our time could shape and guide a leader of tomorrow. As for me, I have a debt to pay — not to Dr Narramore — but to those who stand today where I stood those many years ago.

From TODAY, Voices - Friday, 06-Aug-2010

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