Thursday, August 12, 2010

A battleship vs a lighthouse

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By Dr James Dobson

A lookout on a battleship reported light in the distance, so the captain had the signalman send a message, “We’re on a collision course. Advise you change your course 20 degrees.”

Minutes later a signal came back, “Advisable for you to change your course.” The captain angrily ordered that another signal be sent, “I’m a captain. Change course 20 degrees.”

Again came the reply, “I’m a seaman, second class. You’d better change your course.”

Furious by this point, the captain barked a final threat, “I’m a battleship! Change your course!” The signal came back, “I’m a lighthouse.” The captain changed his course.

It is foolhardy to ignore the beacons that warn us of danger. They come in various forms: Symptoms of health problems, prolonged marital conflict, rebellious children, excessive debt, stress, etc. These are the warning signs of approaching danger.

From TODAY, Voices - Thursday, 22-July-2010

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