Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Baby's first tooth

By Dr Bill Maier

This Little Baby's First Tooth (Baby Books)Hey, what’s that in your baby’s mouth? Is it a rock... a toy...? No, I think it’s a tooth! Waiting for baby’s first tooth is exciting. Unless, of course, you’re the baby — then it’s just painful. Well, here are some tips you should know while waiting.

First of all, if your baby starts drooling a lot more at three to six months, don’t assume that he is about to sprout teeth. Saliva is his body’s way of protecting him from bacteria and viruses.

Most babies get their first tooth at between six and 12 months, though it could be sooner or later. And the ones to watch for are the lower front teeth — called central incisors. The next to come will be the upper four incisors.

You’ll notice a lot of crying and fussiness. Teeth-cutting is painful business, so make sure you have some medicine handy — and a good teething ring will help as well.

Baby's First Tooth & Curl Toy Train Jewel Trinket BoxFrom TODAY, Voices - Tuesday, 01-June-2010

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