Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dealing with slow learners

Albert Einstein during a lecture in Vienna in ...Image via Wikipedia
By Dr James Dobson

Children with learning disabilities are often the target of jokes and sneers from other kids, and teachers aren’t always as patient as they should be.

Parents have a tendency to be embarrassed or resentful when their kids fall behind and some may accuse their children of being lazy, or not trying hard enough.

But just because a child struggles to learn doesn’t mean he has a learning disability. Albert Einstein was so slow as a child that he was considered mentally disabled.

Not all slow learners are mentally challenged. Some kids just develop slower, or have learning styles that are difficult to pinpoint.

The key is to be patient and to focus on their strengths instead of pointing out their weaknesses.

From TODAY, Voices - Monday, 19-April-2010
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