Tuesday, June 02, 2009


By Dr Bill Maier

We all enjoy watching a good family programme on television, but that is not the same as letting your kids plop down in front of the tube to watch whatever happens to be on.

Teach your kids to be selective in their viewing habits, and to use their time wisely.

You might start by limiting the amount of time they're allowed to watch, and then encouraging them to plan ahead. Help them choose which programmes are worth spending their time on.

The best shows are those that stimulate other interests, like singing, or animals, or outdoor activities.

If your child likes to bake, introduce them to cooking programmes, and then encourage them to write down the recipes for later. If science is their thing, turn them on to the Discovery channel.

Television can be a great teaching tool, but only if we use it wisely.

From TODAY, Voices – Tuesday, 02-Jun-2009

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