Monday, May 11, 2009


By Dr James Dobson

FocusOnTheFamily_LogoSmall So many men I meet have such good intentions. That is why they say yes to their wife and children so often. Unfortunately, as plans change and other pressures take priority, those yeses soon become nos. This turns many men into promise breakers.

Are you a promise breaker or keeper? How would your children answer if we asked them that question?

A son asks his father: “Dad, can we go bowling on Saturday?” The father replies: “Sure,” without really thinking. The days pass and then Friday comes and the man’s boss asks if he can come in for a few hours on Saturday. The man says yes.

Saturday morning, his son is waiting for him with his bowling gear ready by the door. “Sorry son, I forgot about bowling. Daddy has to work today. Maybe next week,” says the man. And another promise has been broken.

What the world needs and what your children need are more promise keepers and less promise breakers. Is there a commitment that you have made recently that you have pushed to the back of your mind? It is not too late to redeem that promise.

From TODAY, Voices – Monday, 11-May-2009

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