Saturday, March 21, 2009


From TODAY, Voices
Friday, 20-March-2009

By Dr James Dobson

According to Dr Burton White at Harvard University, there are six factors that contribute to the intellectual capacity of a child, and we discussed the first three helpful environmental factors yesterday.

Here are the remaining factors: Children given free access to the living rooms of their homes progressed much faster than those whose movements were restricted.

The nuclear family is the most important educational delivery system. If we’re going to produce capable, happy children, it will be by strengthening family units and by improving the interactions that occur within them.

Finally, the best parents excelled at three key functions – they were superb designers and organisers of their children’s environments; permitted their children to interrupt them for brief 30-second episodes during which personal comfort and information were exchanged; and they were firm disciplinarians, while showing great affection for their children.

In other words, it took a 10-year research project to reveal what most mothers have known intuitively for centuries.
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