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Tuesday, 03-March-2009


By Dr James Dobson


It’s been said that strong families represent the foundation for a stable and well-ordered society, and it’s true.


So much of what brings health and happiness to human beings, especially children, depends on committed family units. That’s why social problems are inevitable when marriages begin to deteriorate.


Let’s look at just one way marriage contributes to stability. A certain percentage of junior college graduates tend to increase their consumption of alcohol when they go to university or other pursuits. But a study of 33,000 young adults conducted at the University of Michigan focused on individuals who got engaged, married or became parents. It found that these young men and women quickly decreased their alcohol consumption as marriage typically produces greater self-discipline.


As one of the researchers said: “If you feel a responsibility to and for another person, then you’re more apt to control your own behaviour and play a controlling role in your partner’s behaviour.” So that’s the bottom line.


When a society is populated by millions of strong, stable families, there’s less poverty, children are healthier and do better in school, violence, crime, and psychiatric illnesses are also less common. In the absence of healthy marriages and commitments to children, societies begin to unravel.


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