Friday, March 27, 2009


By Dr Bill Maier

A friend remembered sitting in a restaurant next to a father and his toddler.

The boy was obviously tired of waiting for his food, because he kept squirming and screaming, all the while trying to escape from his high chair. The young boy threw his fork on the floor, so the father picked it up and slammed it on the table.

"Stop that," he said in a loud whisper.

Again the boy grabbed the fork and tossed it. The father repeated his actions, this time shouting "no".

This went on for about 10 minutes before the father completely lost it. He grabbed his boy and stormed out of the restaurant.

You cannot expect to keep children in line if you cannot even keep your own temper in control. The key to discipline is calm and consistent authority, backed up by clear consequences.

From TODAY, Voices
Friday, 27-March-2009

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