Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sunlight and Vitamin D - an inseparable pair

From TODAY, Health
Tuesday, 03-February-2009

I was reminded of a parent who was complaining about her primary school child getting tanned under the sun during the child's PE session. Of course, it may be valid, but on the other hand, it may be over-protectionism. I held my peace, until the school replied: no such thing as PE under the blazing sun right above your head, or no direct exposure to sunlight. Actually, the argument was, why are the students wearing a short-sleeved uniform, and why not make it long-sleeve to protect them from the sun?

I remember when we were students, the 7am to 9am sun was our body heater, and Vitamin D enhancer. These were all explained to us by our teachers, so although we were complaining of getting hot and tanned, which, or course, is reduced by the passing of time, we understood that eventually, the exercise was for our good, primarily physical, and secondarily, mental (from the bones come our blood, with blood our life).

Anyway, here is the recent article from the daily paper Today. Read on, and find out more. Sun or no sun?
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