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Wednesday December 31, 2008


By Dr Bill Maier


You say you’re not happy with your life? What if I told you it was all in your mind?


Think of your brain as a computer that serves two purposes. It stores information in your memory bank, but it also transmits information to your heart.


When something happens to you, your brain takes it and puts it somewhere in your mind.


Then your mind sorts through that information and sends signals to your heart, telling you how to react.


Here’s the good part: How your mind processes that information is completely up to you!


You can’t always change what happens, but you have complete control over how it makes you feel.


You can decide to let your circumstances bring you down, or lift you up. And whatever you choose, your mind has to obey, because when it comes to emotions, you’re the boss.


Sound too simple? Why not try it and see if it works?


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