Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Listen to your body

From TODAY, Voices
Wednesday September 24, 2008

By Dr Bill Maier

How much exercise is enough? Well, that depends on who you talk to. And everyone seems to have a different theory.

Years ago we were told that 30 minutes of light exercise several times a week was enough to keep the average person fit.

But more recent studies suggest that we need at least thirty minutes a day of brisk exercise. Another report by the Institute of Medicine recommended nearly twice that amount – 60 minutes a day of moderate to intense movement.

So who do you believe?

The fact is, there’s no magic number. Too many factors are involved to come up with a one-size-fits-all formula.

The key is to know your body, and to learn what it takes to keep in shape. If you find yourself gaining a pound or two a year, it’s time to adjust – both your diet and your level of activity.

Listen to the experts, but more importantly, learn to listen to your own body.
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