Thursday, August 28, 2008

Keep the talk flowing

From TODAY, Voices
Thursday August 28, 2008

By Dr Bill Maier

Any marriage counsellor can tell you the most common complaint they hear from wives is: “He doesn’t talk to me any more.”

When couples are dating they spend hours on the phone, talking and laughing together, completely losing track of time. But too often something happens just a couple of years into the marriage. They find themselves with nothing to talk about.

Communication is crucial to the success of a marriage, yet many guys are wired to keep to themselves. It’s not that they’re bored with their spouse; they just don’t understand the importance of sharing their thoughts and feelings.

If this describes your marriage, then do something about it. Guys, make a concerted effort to talk to your wives. Talk about nothing or everything – it doesn’t really matter.

The key is to start communicating again. And wives, find a way to draw your husbands out, even if it means talking about football or race cars.

Don’t let silence suffocate your marriage.
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