Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Be inspired by your PAST

From TODAY, Voices
Tuesday August 12, 2008


Are you using your difficult childhood experiences as an excuse for mediocrity?

All of us suffer through some type of trauma during childhood and some of us come into adulthood with a lot of wounds and disadvantages.

But how we react is up to us. We can either choose to be defined by our past or allow it to fuel us toward great things.

Years ago, a researcher looked into the backgrounds of 300 highly successful people. He found that more than 75 per cent of them had severely troubled childhood. They suffered poverty, abuse, divorce, even physical handicaps.

The list includes people we’ve all heard of like Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill and Eleanor Roosevelt – all of whom have gone down in history for the great things they accomplished.

Hardship comes into every life. The true test lies in what we choose to do with it. Don’t let your past become an excuse; let it be an inspiration for excellence.
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