Thursday, July 24, 2008


From TODAY Wednesday July 23, 2008

By Dr James Dobson

Much has been written in recent years about men who go through mid-life crises and the condition is very real.

It is brought on largely by the sudden awareness that youth is passing and that old age is just around the corner.

That simple thought creates a kind of panic in some men. They exchange their suits and ties for silk shirts, which are left unbuttoned about down to the navel.

Men in a mid-life crisis then try to beef-up their image with racy car. A Porsche or a Ferrari gets the job done, but a guy with financial limits might have to settle for an old Volkswagen.

Thus outfitted, the ageing gentleman and his shaky ego set out to find a younger woman.

This spectre is not so humorous to the loved ones who are watching their husbands or fathers search for the Fountain of Youth. It rattles the very foundations of the home.

All they can do is continue to love him and hope he’ll come to his senses before his family is destroyed.

Indeed, millions of families have ended up just that way.
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