Thursday, April 24, 2008

Creating Order in the Home

From FOCUS ON THE FAMILY, Today, 24-Apr-2008 edition


Creating Order in the Home

By Dr Bill Maier


How do you keep sanity in the family when life goes screaming by

at a hundred miles an hour?


Every family goes through this experience – the busyness of life

takes over, creating stress for everyone.


The key is to establish some ground rules to help keep order

in the family. Begin by recognising that each member of the family

has a role to play, and give them a specific set of responsibilities.


Children should be expected to keep their rooms neat, and have

other chores around the house to do each day.


Schedule regular family meetings where you re-evaluate these tasks

and talk about how they are working for everyone.


When families take time to coordinate their schedules,

you can create a kind of rhythm in your home.


Children see how order relieves chaos, and they’re more likely

to apply that to other parts of their lives.


And best of all, it gets everyone on the same page so that disorder

is kept to a minimum.

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