Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Get Them Moving

From FOCUS ON THE FAMILY, Today, 18 Mar 2008 edition


Get Them Moving

By Dr James Dobson


We were talking the last time about the importance of teaching

specific skills to primary school children that can be beneficial

during the storms of controversy.


But this raises a point of controversy. Some parents just do not feel

that they have the right to make a decision of this kind for their

children, so they sit back and hope that the kids will choose

something useful for themselves. Few actually do it.


Learning a new skill is difficult and discouraging at the beginning.

That is why parents should make a careful assessment of a child’s

strengths, select a sport or a musical instrument or promising

talent to develop, then reward him, push him, beg him,

bribe him, if necessary, but make him learn it.


It is part of being a good parent. My dad decided I was going to

learn to play tennis when I was eight years old. I hated it.


But then one day, I played a game with a neighbourhood kid

and I beat him and I loved it and I began to get the idea.


Throughout pre-university and university, I was known

as a good tennis player and I thought of myself that way.


I thank my dad for that. Will you do as much for your children?

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