Monday, November 05, 2007

Motivation vs Intent

I was in a meeting yesterday, and it was to understand certain issues that has been creeping up

over the past couple of weeks. Some folks are coming in late. Some folks that came early the week before

are coming in late the following week. Some folks are continuously coming in late for practice. Some folks

who can’t make it to the practice don’t even bother to look for replacement – a task that should not be borne

by the scheduler already. Songs are not learned. Even if they are, they are not committed to memory.

These, and a lot more!


I was keeping quite for the most part of the meeting, in that I was thinking to myself, “these are not new problems…”

These have been the same issues over the years.


With these classic examples, what I read in the book “Read Right” by Dr Toddler proved true, once again:

1.       There is a big difference between motivation and intent. We can be moved to act, but the quality by which we complete the task, then, now and in the future, is determined by our internal standard, purely internally intentional, not motivated.


That is all that I can say. Give it another 6 months, and wait what will be the next discussion be.

Hopefully, the items are already different.


They can be exactly the same after all…


May God help us.

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