Monday, July 30, 2007


When the year started, there was also a “contest” instituted by the head of the

Children’s ministry in our church. When my daughter showed me the piece of paper

and explained what it was, and what they were supposed to do, and what will happen

at the end of the specified period, some thoughts immediately raced through my mind

right there and then.


What:    Collect the papers on a weekly basis; keep and secure them

Who:      Kids who attend the Sunday class

When:   Every Sunday, so long as there is class held; until the 6 months is over


Yesterday, the papers were counted. True enough, my expected result, or at least,

a prediction I made came true.


A certain child got a complete set of these papers. That is very good, isn’t it?

Well, it isn’t. You see, the child went back to her home country twice in the 6-month

period of collection. So you may be thinking, ‘How then did she collect at 25 papers?’

Beats me! Does the mother know? Does the father know? Not sure. What do I care?

Does the ministry head know? Are the kids’ group leaders aware? You bet!


This is just a very shameful occurrence. Even at a young age, the inclination to

do the just the opposite of what the church is teaching is being done, not only by adults,

but by children as well. Many that is why the constitution is very hard on the penalty

for ‘corruption of minor’. The wrong that old people do becomes right in the eyes of kids.


Well, I’ll keep my mouth shut. Even if I talk, I’ll only find enemies. And the harder part is,

I’ll become enemies to those who chocse to ally with the wrongdoer.


It is really hard to be standing on the rock of truth… easily visible, easily a target.


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