Monday, April 30, 2007

I never thought I'd be...

Back in the olden days, when we were young (or younger), we’d do a lot of things, mainly because our old folks tell us to, partly as part of our studies, partly as part of peer pressure, and still partly due to our curiosity as growing kids who would explore anything on sight and anything within reach. To be exact, what would make our parents and abuelos and abuelas scream is when we explore things within sight, but beyond our reach… you know what I mean. That should bring a memory or two, and lots of smiles.

At this point I call to mind one area of my childhood activities. A regular church activity. We sang. We sing. We've rendered a Solo, a Duet, a Trio, a Quartet, or a Choir. There's even a Male Group. And as in most cases of singing, we sing other peoples’ compositions. It never occurred to me that I’d be singing my own songs, never thought that I’d be composing songs, to be sung by me, or by other singers.

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What could have brought about the change, from a plain singer, to being a singer-composer? Or rather, when? It would seem to me that the most reasonable explanation is bloodline heritage. We’d have inherited our parents’ traits, characteristics, skills and abilities. But I don’t recall anybody from my family composing songs. Adaptations from one language into our Filipino vernaculars, yes. But not composing. Or was it that all those family attributes are just simply brewing and nurturing the seed that would one day shoot up, bloom, and make way to building dreams and making them come true?

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One thing is sure. For everything, there is a season. And this songwriting is simply an event whose time has commence. It would not be possible, of course, without the grace and gifting of God. Nobody can learn to be a musician, or a composer. If so, all those before us would have all become composers and songwriters. It simply is a gift, whether you admit it or not, whether you accept it nor not. It is a gift, and once poured out from God, of God, is overwhelming. So overwhelming that you can’t contain it. And even right now, I never thought I’d be able to keep up with the outpouring. How long can I keep up? Only time can tell. Only time. Until then, I’m happy and blessed with this newfound joy of being a songwriter for the Lord, and like the psalmist David, I’d sing “surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever”. For only by His grace will I be able to keep on singing and writing His songs here on earth, praising and glorifying Him, till I write Him His songs in heaven, and sing to Him face-to-face.

Who would thought I’d be?
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